Audit Automation Tool for Chartered Accountants

We help Chartered Accountants unlock their true potential

Save 70+% of time & effort in annual audit assignments through extensive automation of audit and compliance activities.

  • Generation of Financial statements in a jiffy
  • Automated Ageing & Ratio Analysis for Revised Schedule III
  • Automated Ledger Scrutiny
  • Seamless framework with built-in templates for Compliance with Auditing Standards
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Audit Automation Tool for Chartered Accountants
audit - CARO-2020

CARO 2020 Audit Report Template

Download “Ready to use” Word template for full set of Audit Reports including CARO 2020

Drastic Reduction in Audit Cycle time

From the effortless generation of Schedule III statements to automated Ageing & Ratios to automated Ledger Scrutiny, AssureAI ensures the completion of tasks in just a fraction of the time, saving 70 to 90 % of the time and effort.

Audit Automation software for CAs
Audit - Software for CA firms

Eliminate Data Entry and Consequent Errors

With single-click import of the entire books of accounts into the cloud platform and in-built validation checks, AssureAI eliminates data entry at multiple points and carries the data seamlessly from the source to destination without any room for manual tampering, thereby removing the possibility of errors.

Empower Team

With most mundane audit tasks entirely automated, empower the team to focus on addressing the customer pain points and add significant value to clients – rather than spending countless hours with excel sheets, e-mails and manual procedures.

Audit software tool
Audit - Software for Auditors

Reduce Risks

With the emergence of more and more E-Governance in tax administration and the role of government in the regulatory and disciplinary framework for CAs, the risk of audit practice has substantially increased over the past few years. AssureAI helps significantly reduce the risk of errors and omissions in statutory and tax audit assignments besides providing a seamless template-driven framework for compliance with auditing standards.

Enhance Efficiency

Have clear visibility of the ongoing assignments and tasks through a ‘Task and Team Management’ dashboard designed exclusively for Practicing CAs. With the facility for automated creation of recurring tasks and follow-up tasks, always remain on top of your schedule, manage the target dates and due dates & monitor team performance with absolute ease.

: Auditing tool software for Chartered Accountant
Audit - CA office software

Connected Client

Always stay connected with your client through dedicated ‘Client Login’ – eliminates e-mails and chats for client follow-ups – clients can upload their books, respond to audit queries, upload audit documents, and append documents like engagement letters, MRLs, etc., as part of audit workflow – all through the secure client interface of AssureAI.


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“ AssureAI helped our team to substantially save time on various audit and compliance tasks. I find that the tool is designed to address the key practical challenges faced by an Indian CA and has the potential to become an indispensable tool in every CA firm.”

CA SriramBala and Co, Chennai

“Possessed with ultimate practical utilities, AssureAI is not just an audit tool but provides transformational comfort to the auditor. Using AssureAI, one can witness the magic of completion of the audit within a fraction of the normal time, that too without any tiring physical interactions and unnecessary exchange of papers while having a full grip over the audit process.”

CA T.R.RamanathanTiruppur, Tamil Nadu

Frequently Answered Questions

What are the accounting tools integrated with AssureAI?

The tool is fully integrated with Tally Accounting Software, where we have a facility for a single click data import of entire books of accounts into the AssureAI platform. We have also developed an API-based data import facility for QuickBooks, a beta version under the final round of testing.
Gradually we will be integrating other accounting applications as well, but presently, the tool is ideal for CA firms having a substantial percentage of their clients using Tally or QuickBooks.

How is data import from Tally done? Should we purchase any separate tool for this purpose?

AssureAI has developed a TDL plugin that will be tagged to all subscribers’ license numbers and provided for installation in their machines. Once done, the button for data export to AssureAI will be activated in the customer’s tally, through which the JSON file can be created in a single click for importing into AssureAI.

Does AssureAI support uploading the Tax Audit Report in Form 3CD?

AssureAI provides feature for automatic generation of Annexures for uploading Tax Audit Report in Form 3CD which covers areas like 40A(2)(b), 40A(3) & 40A(3A), 269SS & 269T, 43B & 36(1)(VA) and Ratios. Automatic generation of annexures eliminates the need for data entry, thereby minimising error changes.

Does AssureAI support the generation of Financial Statements only for companies? What about Partnerships and Proprietorship entities?

We support the generation of Financial Statements for all the business entities, including Partnerships, Proprietorships and Companies.

Does the tool support only Annual Audit – or is it possible to conduct Monthly or Periodic audits using the tool?

Though the tool is designed for Annual Statutory Audit, the features can be used to conduct monthly or internal audits of clients.

It is stated that the clients of CAs are connected through a dedicated Client User Interface (UI). Do my clients need to buy AssureAI Client Interface licenses?

No, the client user login is free, and there are no charges for that. Also, presently there are no restrictions on the number of clients/client users. The CA can have any number of client users, and it is absolutely free.

Is there any limitation on the number of ledgers or vouchers for a client file that AssureAI can handle?

There are no restrictions on the number of vouchers and ledgers for importing the data into AssureAI Cloud.